Hot & Spicy  
Price May Change without Notice

1. Dragon Roll
Eel, masago & rice wrapped in cucumber
raw 2. Red Dragon Roll
Eel, avocado inside, out with tuna & masago on top
3. Sake Roll
Shrimp tempura inside, eel and avocado on top
raw 4. Birthday Roll
Spicy crab meat, avocado, cream cheese inside, 4 colors tobiko on top
raw 5. Bonzai Tree Roll
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail wrapped in whole cucumber
6. Super Roll
Shrimp tempura, seaweed salad, crab, cucumber, asparagus, avocado, tobiko on top, soybean paper wrap
raw 7. Summer Roll
Crab, avocado, cucumber, salmon & white tuna on top
raw 8. Crazy Roll
Shrimp tempura roll, smoked salmon on top
raw 9. Salmon Love Roll
Salmon & avocado inside, spicy salmon tempura flake on top
raw 10. Bamboo Roll
Salmon & avocado, spicy white fish, masago, spicy salmon, soybean paper wrap, black tobiko on top
raw 11. Hockey Roll
Spicy tuna & crab inside, eel & avocado on top
12. Sunshine Roll
Crab, caviar, avocado, cucumber roll, baked scallop, mayo on top
raw 13. Samurai Roll (5 pcs)
Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucucmber, eel, cream cheese, spicy crab, topped with tuna
raw 14. Cherry Blossom Roll (8 pcs)
California roll, topped with tuna, avocado, spicy crab and crunchy
raw 15. Fantasy Roll (8 pcs)
Tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, crab, masago, wrapped with soy bean paper
16. Green Monster Roll (8 pcs)
Eel, avocado, cucumber, topped with seaweed salad
17. Alligator Roll (8 pcs)
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, topped with shrimp and avocado
18. Chef Special Roll (8 pcs)
Shrimp tempura, topped with red snapper, avocado, spicy crabmeat, crunchy, massago